This is the landing page inviting people to donate to the Foundation. It briefly explains what the foundation is about, how donations are used and has the Paypal button to donate (via Paypal account or Credit Card).

Donate to the Dudjom International Foundation

Dudjom International Foundation is a nonprofit public benefit corporation registered as a 501(c)(3) organization under the United States Internal Revenue Code for the purpose of conducting charitable activities in the United States and abroad.


Federal EIN/Tax ID# is 94-3062179.

About the Foundation

How your donation will be used

Because Dudjom International Foundation is a public charity, it is entirely dependent for support on the generosity of individual sponsors and other foundations.  Any contribution, great or small, is received with gratitude and appreciation.

Donations to Dudjom International Foundation shall be used:

  • To support one of the foundation’s specific projects, as directed by the donor.
  • For purposes aligned with the mission of the organization as determined by the President and Board of Directors.