Collection of Announcements about the foundation.


Trees in Pond

“Putting aside the future and just thinking about our lives here and now, we can see the benefit of paying attention to how the mind works and of working to develop and train the mind. Someone whose mind is naturally virtuous and good is going to be someone who is completely relaxed, with a sense of openness towards him or herself. If that person has many nice things, she is completely happy and content.  If she doesn’t have these things, she is also completely happy and content. Such people are very relaxed and easy going; they are comfortable with whatever circumstances arise. It’s said that when our minds are positive then everything that we experience is positive also.”
- Dudjom Rinpoche III 

Swan in Lake

“Bodhichitta means to help and benefit others.  It means to refrain from harming anyone or anything.  It means to be free from fighting, discord, evil thinking, arguing, and disturbing others.  If these things are present, it means it isn’t Dharma. It isn’t Buddhist Dharma. The Buddhist tradition involves refraining from all harm and striving to benefit others.  And this does not mean benefit for just one single lifetime - it is a vision of benefiting others throughout countless lifetimes. From one birth to the next, from one lifetime to the next, the view of benefiting others and establishing them in permanent happiness is carried forth.  This is held as the basis for all actions according to our Buddhist tradition.”
- Dudjom Rinpoche III 


“I think science is good.  From one perspective it is good and from another maybe it is not so good. Because science created the atom bomb, now we are in a time of great danger based on the unstable nature of politics and science coming together.  Yet when we consider that due to science we have solar and wind energy and conducive beneficial advances for livelihood such as things that don't pollute the environment – this too is due to science. All have come from scientific research and the outcomes of such.  This is so good. In our world we have these advances but we are not using them. Industry is still polluting the environment, and cars are using fuel that pollutes the air. There is great harm from this. In the future it is my hope that compared to research that harms, we will make a greater effort in research toward what is beneficial and helpful for the planet and all that live on it.”
- Dudjom Rinpoche III 

Buddha under tree

"Even many years after beginning to practice the Dharma, we may experience obstacles, the habitual tendencies of our own various thinking.  These definitely arise. As soon as we recognize that we have been carried away by those obstacles – our mental afflictions – then they can turn into spiritual accomplishment."
- Dudjom Rinpoche III

Rainbow clouds

"We need to understand the distinction between faults and noble wisdom qualities.  When we do, then we can recognize our master’s noble wisdom qualities and perceive our master as Buddha.  If, with that kind of confidence, we then practice guru yoga even just a little bit, nothing more profound is needed.  Merely by praying to and meditating upon the master, you too will awaken as Buddha. On the basis of faith and fervent devotion, it will happen."
- Dudjom Rinpoche III