This page gives an overview of the type of activities the foundation does, introduces the locations and shows the latest activities.

Major Activities

In Asia and the West, we welcome all who wish to join our public activities.

Life Release

In our world, life itself is the most cherished and precious.  Buddha as well as other great spiritual teachers emphasize saving and preserving life. When done with pure intentions, this practice is a potent healing force for individuals and for our world as a whole.

Yak Release
Fish Release in Tibet

For the entirety of his life, my root master Chatral Dorje Change thought about humble animals, helpless under the force of their karma.  Inspired by the supreme kindness of my peerless refuge and guide, I too am saving the lives of fish, goats, sheep, females and males of the yak breeds and other creatures every year. I do this to fulfill the wisdom intention of my sublime glorious guru who is now within the profundity of the dharmadhatu.  I pray for the spread of the teachings of Buddha everywhere, for the health and longevity of all beings, for peace and happiness throughout the world and for all to revel in joy, free from all harm and misfortune.

Dudjom Rinpoche III Sangye Pema Shepa

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Our world is filled with sacred places that have long uplifted human beings into higher states of awareness.  These are places of refuge, offering protection and security to all who come. They are havens in dark times of trouble and strife. The world’s pristine natural environment itself is such a sanctuary, and we are committed to preserving and consecrating its holy spaces worldwide.

His Holiness at consecration ceremony of land at Yanglesho
Zangdok PAlri

Zangdok Palri

Zangdok Palri, The Glorious Copper-Colored Mountain is the abode of Guru Rinpoche, Padmasambhava.  In his famous prayer, Jigme Lingpa describes it from the ultimate perspective: “Its nature is an utterly pure innate sphere beyond conceptual mind.”  Relatively, Zangdok Palri appears with characteristics that His Holiness is bringing to life in a full-scale temple replication at his land in the sanctuary of Yangleshö.  This is located in the village of Pharping, on the southern edge of the Kathmandu Valley, Nepal. Himalayan Arts master and architect Pema Namdol Thaye of Padma Studios® is designing and guiding this project to recreate the sacred mandala of Guru Rinpoche under the direction and sublime vision of Dudjom Rinpoche III.

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Powerful Practices

Every year, His Holiness teaches and leads ritual ceremonies from the renowned and powerful Treasures of the Dudjom Tersar in centers around the world. These are opportunities for novice and experienced practitioners alike to join together under Rinpoche’s compassionate lead to experience firsthand the power of the lineage.

Troma Nagmo

The Hundred-thousand Feast Offering Ceremony of the Black Wrathful Mother, Troma Nagmo is practiced to eliminate, decisively and definitively, the belief that the self truly exists. It is a practice of chöd (severance) that involves ritual instruments and melodic liturgies. Every year Troma practitioners from many different Tersar sanghas gather with Dudjom Rinpoche III at the great Boudhanath Stupa in Kathmandu, Nepal to perform this ceremony in one huge group gathering.  This occurs on the auspicious date marking Lord Buddha’s return from the heavens, the twenty-second day in the ninth Tibetan month, usually falling in the western months of October or November.

Troma Nagmo

Support the Dudjom International Foundation

We are entirely dependent for support on the generosity of individual sponsors and other foundations.

Any contribution, great or small, is received with gratitude and appreciation.